Forced Entry

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Forced Entry

August 6, 2014 Blogs 0

I’m so tired of things not working out. When are things going to FINALLY start turning around for me? I’ve been more active than Jamie Lee Curtis’ digestive system, yet it always seems to blow up in my face. (no pun intended)

I’ve even prayed about a lot of what I want, but it’s like when I think my phone is vibrating in my pocket, slapping my thigh and standing motionless like a pool pee-er, except it was just a phantom vibration and just the way my pants were rubbing. I swear I thought I heard God’s voice giving me the answer only it was a false alarm.

I’m sick of spinning my wheels, working so hard only to find closed door after closed door. I’m beginning to think God doesn’t care anymore or I’m being punished for something.

Minus the Jamie Lee Curtis line, these are all things you’ve probably thought, said or still feel at one point in your life. You hear phrases like this around the water cooler at work, in your community groups, or just shooting the breeze.

“Of course with my luck…” or “These things always happen to me…” are the big ‘validation statements’ that a lot of us say to justify when things aren’t going well. But, sadly, “these things” happen to EVERYONE and we all have them. Chances are we are no different than each other!

So what’s my point? I used to be like that and I still am sometimes that way. Impatient, spinning my wheels, deciphering God’s code (no, not the DaVinci code) in life only to be left scratching my head.

But I read a chapter in the Bible, which haunts me in a good way. So I guess convicts me is a better phrase. It’s 1 Samuel 13. You really should read it on your own, but let me summarize it easily for you.

Saul had attacked the Philistines, but the Philistines mustered up a large army to combat him and his men. Saul is waiting on Samuel to arrive like he said he would with the blessing from God, but he’s late. Saul’s soldiers are terrified and begin to scatter and Saul feels like he’s losing control and he desperately wants God’s help. In a panic and in order to feel like he hasn’t lost control of his men, he goes ahead and burns up his offering to God before Samuel had arrived.

Samuel shows up and he’s mad. Saul is scrambling and says “You were late, I needed to rally the troops and I wanted God’s help, so I did the peace offerings without you.” But it’s too late and Samuel tells Saul because he didn’t wait for him God has taken away his kingdom and given it to someone else after his own heart. That man ends up being King David.

This may be thousands of years ago, you aren’t doing peace offerings, rallying troops and waiting on prophets with a word from God, but this should still feel all too familiar to you.

You have something in your life you need answers for. Maybe it’s about a job, a relationship, a confrontation, whatever it is, but you’re scared.

You’re scared you won’t say the right thing, people won’t respect you, and you have even prayed about it and you NEED God’s help. But you haven’t heard anything yet and people are watching and I mean, you have to do something, right? Or you just get tired of waiting and you go ahead with an impulse decision. It’s better to do something than not do anything, isn’t it?

And it blows up in your face and you’re left even more frustrated, embarrassed, angry, and more calloused towards life, God, and the situation than you were before.

Sometimes we are Saul. We are so blinded by the situation bearing down on us that we plow ahead and miss out on the blessing God originally had intended for us. If we had waited for God, we would have seen the true blessing he had. But now, we are trying to scramble to do damage control or we are settling for something lesser only to see what we missed out on fading away in the rear view mirror.

Saul couldn’t wait and he lost his kingdom. God had a plan for him, but it wasn’t happening how he thought it should happen and not all the variables lined up like he thought they would and he was just trying to be proactive and a good leader and act. He tried to kick open a door that wasn’t ready to open yet.

That’s our problem a lot of times. We live in a go, go, go society and we are impatient and demand results yesterday and if we don’t get them when we want them, we move on or give up or try something else.

Have you tried to go through a door that closed, but you tried to force it open? But you realize you already missed out on the door that was intended for you to walk through because you had to repair the door you kicked open or had to deal with the consequences of an open door that should have been left shut. We seem to learn the hard way sometimes.

God knows the desires of our hearts and he protects us from ourselves. When he says wait, stop, or go, and we are in tune with his voice, it’s unmistakable and sometimes he almost shoves us through the door. Or other times, it’s obvious when he closes one and when we need to stop ringing the doorbell over and over like a 5 year old.

Are you like me and you got tired of constantly trying every avenue and hoping God would bless it instead of just waiting on God’s true timing? There’s been times where I’m so angry at God for not acting when I think he needs to act or it makes no sense why every door shuts, only to see why he held me still so that all the other variables could unfold first.

I grew tired of missing out on the blessings he really had for me instead of settling for the ones I thought I should have, which end up not being better and wishing I would have just been patient.

You can find just about every answer for life in God’s word. It’s true. If you are truly in it constantly, you begin to let the Holy Spirit guide your decisions and you know what he wants. It may not be right away, but the word of God teaches you and corrects you so that you won’t start kicking down doors that should be closed. You won’t get it right 100% because we’re flawed, but you’ll live in the peace of knowing how to hear God’s voice.

Don’t be Saul. Don’t lose your kingdom, your blessings that were intended because you couldn’t wait long enough for God’s plan to be unveiled. There may be pressure around you to act, but don’t force open a door that isn’t supposed to be opened.

If you are constantly in the word of God, it will be unmistakable when you hear the God’s word.