Dying Breed Album Lyrics

Bringing Hope Through Music

Dying Breed

Why do I do this like I always do?

Can't seem to shake this heavy heart

Nations against nations

Children dying for what they believe in

I guess you can't stop prophecy

I won't drink this poison that you put in my glass

And I'll raise my voice with your knife in my back


I'm willing to die for what I believe in

I'm willing to die for a man I've never seen

But with people following whatever they see

I guess I realize we're just a dying breed


I wear these chains cloathed in mockery's pain

Their sheep skin lies endure nothing but my disdain

Hold on to the ones you love my dear

Cover their pure and holy eyes the enemy is near

They speak of freedom in their lawless infractions

They stab at our faith, "The Great Bigotry Attraction"


Lay down my life

Lay down my life

Lay it down for You

Lay it down




Dancing with insanity

Crippled by this melancholy

Suffocating with my own demise

Blinded by these scales on my eyes

Now these weeping eyes

Are just dripping tears of a traitor

And now my sinful ways will burn like the days

Into sunset vapors


And you're crimson hands are beautiful

They stain me with your blood

Embracing me holding me despite what I've done

And these crimson thorns are bleeding love

Liberating scars forever

And you're wounds remind me of your unfailing love

In your crimson letters

In your crimson letters


I've never seen the angels which help me stand

But a war for my soul is at hand

And these demons which haunt me

They will bend their knees they will bend their knees

And their voices will scream when your glory is seen


Never forsaken a dying soul now awakened

Crimson wounds now consume our dying enemy breaking

I'm sorry for my ways I'm sorry for what it's been taking

A redemptive revolution bowing in prayer

No longer am I choking no longer gasping for air

The nameless have been named blind given sight

Hallelujah when I'm broken halleljuah when I cry

Oh hallelujah



Say When

Standing on everything you thought you knew before

Cold and confused still you refuse the open door

I'm ready I'm waiting for you to tell me when

You fight your wars a bitter heart you must defend

But you hold on to a wound that you won't let me mend

I'm ready I'm waiting for you to tell me when


Search for you bleed for you I'd give my life for you

Keep running I'll await your return to me


Say when and your past can be ivory white

Keep breathing and I'll hold you through the night

Cause you've lost who you are and you hate where you've been

Say when


Hide in the dark convictions won't find you there

But I want to stay here

The light hurts your eyes inspired by your affair

These shadows hold me near

I'm ready I'm waiting for you to tell me when