Bringing Hope Through Music

About Bayless


Bayless has recently become the topic of much discussion…

Most recently, Bayless teamed up with Justin Forshaw (formerly of We As Human & currently of As We Ascend) to mix their single My Declaration, which was written based upon the book “My Declaration” by Lead Pastor, Jeff Maness of Element Church (available on Amazon).

Their song, To War reached #10 on national radio station, ‘The Effect,’ and was voted #5 most popular song -right next to RED and Skillet. Their song, Alive also climbed into the top 30 on The Effect.

Their EP, Sabotage was produced by Jon Steingard, front man for Hawk Nelson and mixed by Grammy-nominated, Pete Stewart.

Sabotage has gained several slots on radio stations around the country, along with their album, “Within My Reach” where songs such as “Venom”, “30 Silver Coins” and “Lay Me Down” also gained radio play at multiple radio stations.

They have been blessed to share the stage with names such as Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, Fireflight, Building 429, Cloverton, LyBecker, and more.

Bayless was one of the previous winners of Air 1 Battle of the Bands competition in Kansas City, and privileged to play at such venues as Arrowhead Stadium and the Rock The Light Festival with several other big name artists. They were also featured in the October issue of HM magazine as the “Pick Of The Litter”.

Bayless wants to continue to reach people with the message of the music and continue to help people in all walks of life, while challenging their faith and worldview.

Why we do what we do…

First off, this is a ministry. We love and serve our savior, Jesus Christ with all our hearts. It’s our desire to share that love with others around the world. We believe one of the most effective ways to reach others is by simply listening to their stories.

Our music is inspired by these stories. Stories of addiction, loneliness, hope, loss, love, perseverance, victory… light and darkness…

We write & play our music in the hopes of others hearing, relating, and realizing they are not alone in this world. We write & play in the hopes of meeting these people and learning why they are who they are.

If even one person’s life is impacted by something we’ve written, then we’ve already succeeded as a band.

Give us 30 minutes to tell you our story, then come talk to us after and tell us yours. You are why we do what we do.