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  • The Puppet Master
    My heart has been aching. It has been broken, convicted, pursued by righteousness. I’ve seen internal unrest before, but never so commanding. I’ve never come to the realization of its danger, its torment, its thirst for prey…its name.  And I’ve never seen it stare back at me like this. Oh, we’ve danced before and we’ve … Read more
  • Speaking Into The Darkness
    This past several months have been hard for me, but not for anything in my personal life or my family, but because of those around me. I’ve called it my “season of sorrow”. I’ve watched many people make decisions that divide families, continue justifying their actions and sorrow continues to win the day. I’ve been … Read more
  • Are We Stuck Up Missionaries?
    For those of us doing full time ministry, it’s difficult, yet incredibly rewarding. The best thing about ministry is the people. The worst thing about ministry is…the people. But people are the currency of heaven and the people make up the church, the bridegroom of Christ, and for better or for worse, their value is … Read more
  • Are Men Too Proud To Worship?
    I stand on stage looking out at hundreds & hundreds of people looking back at me every week. I see smiles, frowns, coffee sippers, fidgeters, yawners, jumpers, shouters; people dancing, clapping, sitting, bowing, jazzercising. I see it all. People have no idea what we actually pay attention to. Sometimes we get choked up watching someone really … Read more